Life After The IL2L’s

For me, learning is a never ending process, over more related to the importance of developing human resources in order to contribute to the development of nations, therefore I am really interested to join with youth programs both inside and outside my country.

Earlier in 2011, I created a media portal on twitter specifically intended to inform the activities and events to support the academic experience of youth. Tweet kuliah is not-for-profit online platform that aims to connect Indonesian youth to opportunities worldwide. Today, @tweetkuliah already reached about 9600+ followers on twitter’s, and still will continue to grow.

With its tagline, Going Global, Being Indonesian, I expect a wide and huge impact to the advancement of human resources in Indonesia, particularly in the field of Education. Until now, @tweetkuliah not only provides information about education but also helped the youth event organizers to publicize their events. I believe that if we want to make a better Indonesia, we have to move together.

The result of my concern for the youth and the media took me into one of the invited participants to attend the UNESCO Youth Desk Workshop ‘Engage, Ensure, Encourage, Empower’ in Jakarta.

In 2012, I selected as the first and only one delegate from Indonesia to attend The Young Women’s International Leadership Summit (IL2L) in Munich, German. This programme gave me such a valuable faith to not being afraid to take a chance. Learning how to transform an idea into a solution, make a difference and create change. After the IL2L’s, I came back to Indonesia and realized the lack of interest of Indonesian youth to develop their potential to contribute youth activities, triggered by the limited information which received by the students. Ironically, on the other hand, Indonesia is the 5th biggest country of Twitter users in the world. In the middle of July 2013, I plan to create @tweetkuliah’s application, which can be downloaded for free on tablet computers and smartphones, cause I realized modern youth nowadays are growing up with the concept of using apps, internet and social media to catch the information.


During my second year of university, I believe a long-held aspiration to study abroad after winning an exchange placements with the ASEAN Students Visit India program and a bilateral agreement with my country. I attended Arya University in Jaipur and IIT Delhi in New Delhi. Although stepping out of one’s comfort zone can be a challenge, I found the opportunity to exchange ideas and opinions with international students both invaluable and thought provoking.


After that programme, In 2013, I as a founder of @tweetkuliah have been selected as Official delegate of Indonesia Youth Forum and to participate as Indonesia delegation in Asia Pacific Week-Australian National University in Canberra, Australia.


What I learned (much) from The IL2L’s

I remember Laura said that, the greatest failure is to not to try. Together with Indonesian delegates (alumni of ASEAN Students Visit India 2012), we know that Indonesia is a major player in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), must accelerate its preparations to face the region`s market integration in 2015.

Armed with the knowledge of the “project planning” which was given for one week in Germany, I ventured to make an event (read: International Youth Conference 2013-Measuring Youth Potential on Commemmorating ASEAN Community 2015) where young people can gather in ASEAN to know more about the ASEAN Community 2015, prepare to face the economic challenges as well as inter-state relations in the face of the upcoming ASEAN Community by 2015.


As the conceptor as well as the head of International delegates, we invited youth groups, individual youth participants, youth-based organization, non-governmental organizations and other stakeholders from ASEAN countries.


The conference was held in Jakarta, Indonesia, on 17-20 December 2013 in the context of the preparation for the ASEAN Community by 2015 in order to produce recommended actions for the outcome report of the implementation of the ASEAN by 2015 agenda as well as to generate a new consensus on putting youth rights at the heart of the development.

IYF2013-AThe conference was preceded by extensive interaction at national and global levels on the themes of: 1) Readiness Preparation for the ASEAN Economic Community; 2) ASEAN Framework for Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership; 3) ASEAN Framework for Equitable Economic Development; 4) Youth, Peace, and Social Justice; and 5) Rural Development and Poverty Eradication.

Creating an international social project is not easy as I thought. The debate within the team started when the planning concept of the event, inviting speakers, event promotion, take care of applications from prospective delegates, until financial problems.

Luckily, the valuable experience which I learned from IL2L been implemented properly when creating the  International Youth Conference 2013. Experience led to new experiences, such as learning and disseminate knowledge to a larger scale.

Making the International Youth Conference in 2013, taught me to be a true leader, learn to listen, to work in teams, solve problems up to encourage the team to work professionally.


To: Laura, Holy, Joanne, Bonita, Chiara and all my IL2L’s fellows, 

Thank you for giving me space to speak, to learn and to encourage me to do whatever I want to do. Thank you.


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